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Doing Fine

Ben, a young cheery man, tries to cheer up his grumpy fluffy friend -- Lucky -- while waiting to see the vet... 

Responsible for all aspects. 

Doing Fine - Storyboards - Click Through

Doing Fine - Storyboards - Layout

Dog World

In a world where dogs walk and talk like humans, a clever dog tries not to wake up his bachelor... Or does he? 
Dog World's storyboard was an assignment based on the given script and characters of"Dog World."

Dog World - Storyboards - Click Through

Dog World - Storyboards - Layout

The Little Giant Girl

A curious girl grows not only in age but also in physical size. 

A work in progress original story. Responsible for all aspects. 

The Little Giant Girl - Storyboards - Click Through

The Little Giant Girl - Storyboards - Layout

On the Road

An original story segment based on personal, true experience. 

Responsible for all aspects. 

On the Road - Storyboards - Click Through

On the Road - Storyboards - Layout

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